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Agreed, ebi.

As a hobbyist, I am fortunate enough to have top grade glass, body & other gear worth $20K and have taken 6 years to really learn their use both by trial n error and watching COUNTLESS online tutorials before bed. And I really don’t have an organized ‘portfolio’ even though I posted what I thought would have counted as one some weeks ago on this forum.

And, after all of this, I would be petrified to ask a person for money if I was approached with “would you shoot my…” I’d shoot the event, as in the case of my aunt & uncle’s 50th wedding anniv party 5 months back, but then I’d look at every shot in LR and go “that’s crap” or “I can’t believe I thought that would be a good shot!” and then eventually say “well, this is the best I could do, I guess.” The photos were not really bad – my self-critiquing was way over the top because someone was expecting me to do a good job, and I was looking at the shots like a photographer, NOT as a ‘client.’

In the end, I’m a doctor, not a pro photographer. And I think it is not right that other folks who are fauxtographers because perhaps they are out of work or are just on ego-trips are taking money from your pocket. Because if those same clients saw some of the work I’ve seen from you guys on this board, I think they would cough up the $$$$ to spend on you.