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I basically did what JimC is talking about- I experimented a whole ton with things, picking a different thing to experiment with each week. I started with ISO, then shutter speed, and then aperture to learn exposure. Read the owner’s manual cover to cover so you can learn what the different things your camera can do is.

I also would consider taking a community college course. I know ours has some available for beginner beginners and covers the owners manual and all that good stuff, and then just very basic stuff, and moves into more stuff if you decide to take further classes on composition and manual modes.

Also I do think it’s important for us moms to spend a little money on ourselves. I know we tend to forget ourselves, but we deserve a little extra too, the kids can’t get all of it 🙂 But the awesome thing is that you can follow your kids around with your camera all the time and they’ll give you plenty of practice opportunities. And like JimC also stated, there’s nothing wrong with investing money in a hobby either. I’m literally tens of thousands of dollars into my favorite hobby (horse riding) and I continue to invest in it, because that’s what makes me happy. It makes photography cheap, haha.

You might also want to check out the website iheartfaces.com, it’s geared more towards the momtog audience and is pretty straightforward in their tutorials and all that.