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In the past year or so I feel I have improved quite a bit with the technical side of photography, but now am seeing I need to maybe make more connections to the people in my photos or make the images more emotive. I did not used to be a gear-head but have been trying to soak up every bit of information on different camera bodies and their capabilities, and different lenses, like exactly how an image is affected at one focal length vs. another and with different apertures, an so forth. I now have a more thorough understanding of these more detailed technical aspects. Also, I have been finding more and more of my images are stronger SOOC and require less editing. This may not be very evident to a viewer seeing the final product, but I can see it when I compare the original to the edit in my past work compared to my more recent work. Most of my photography I am very excited to have done. Sometimes I second-guess myself, like when I have a great image that turned out to be slightly out-of-focus. Right now I just can’t be a full-time photographer, but I am aiming for quality and not quantity. I won’t take more work than I can handle and don’t want to compromise doing a good job.

You can’t really call me “old-fashioned” when talking about photography, because I was not a part of the photographer community when film SLR photography was the norm, since I’m young. But I really do like the split-screen focusing, as I had some experience with that on the older SLR camera I originally purchased for a college class. It’s much easier to manually focus using that. However using autofocus points usually works quite well but not always on close-up or macro work, where you want to really define the exact spot that is in sharp focus.