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I would start with Flickr. You can easily link work to your personal FB page so friends can see it. If you have hopes of doing photography professionally down the road, I’d suggest waiting a bit to make a ‘business” page. For one, don’t try to come up with some cheesy business name without much forethought. If after awhile you want to showcase a portfolio and start doing or advertising for portfolio-building (free practice) sessions, you can make a Facebook page, with the intention of making it your business page later on. Just be clear- “I’m an aspiring photogrspher building a portfolio. I am not taking on professional jobs yet. If you are interested in modeling for me, send me a message and I might work with you in exchange for a few photos I take of you.” Something like that. But yeah, start with Flickr. It’s free and you can see exif data and network with other creatives by adding them as contacts on there, and joining groups.