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The only plausible situations where this photo would be possible without manipulation or HIDDEN KNIFE SUPPORTS is where (a) the lemon is propelled TOWARD the knife, and the knife TOWARD the lemon with a rotational force with the fulcrum point approximately near the very bottom of the blade handle…

Now that blows me away Doc!

That is EXACTLY how I did it!

Thankfully I got it within the first 100 tries! My assistant, who was catching the knife, (can’t allow the product to be damaged you know) was starting to bleed pretty badly!

Interesting thought nesgran.

I would submit that rather than rotate the image the shot would be set up and taken in the aspect you are describing. That way the drips, drops, runs on the knife, etc. would look better (again with the physicists!) and more according to the laws of gravity.

Of course, I never studied law!