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Thanks, CC! 🙂


I know a lot of folks wouldn’t be as tickled with the stuff as I am – maybe it would seem like ‘junk’ to the younger crowd that likes all new-fangled, bright and shiny stuff. And Lord knows I have enough of that too. But some stuff, well it is timeless. Just try to find a steady, truly  ‘heavy-duty’ light stand these days that is also easily portable. And I don’t even mean *for a reasonable price* – it is damn near impossible to find ones this well made, period.

And a light meter that doesn’t need batteries, EVER? 🙂 Yeah, you actually have to know how to turn the dials, adjust the wheels – you have to actually know about f stops and shutter speed and stuff. It is like using an old cash register – you actually have to know how to count/make change yourself – the horror! *rolling my eyes so hard they probably will stick* 😀

I’m an old fogie, I guess, but I’m a happy one! 😀 Can’t wait to see what else he has tucked back in that unit.