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I went mirror less, and absolutely LOVE it!  No regrets AT ALL  I bought a fuji X series.  It’s a beautiful camera, and I love how I don’t get a lick of attention when I’m shooting with it.  I even got told once that I should “think about getting a real camera and learning photography”.  lol and I really can and DO take  it everywhere.  IT was getting to the point I never brought out my DSLR unless I was “MAKING” a shot, and I would make excuses not to bring it along all the time.  My Fuji got me shooting again

Seriously look into the fujis.  The sensor kicks butt in low light (I’ve printed successfully at iso 3200), the lenses are gorgeous, and it handles so comfortably well.  I love my aperture ring and shutter dial.  Oh how I missed it.  It’s like I’m shooting with a film camera again, only without the fuss and a lot more fun.  Your jpegs will look fabulous!  So much in camera jpeg customization and they handle color like a dream.  I was never a real heavy RAW shooter to start with, but I use less and less RAW these days 🙂  (I shoot jpeg+RAW) more time shooting and less time on the computer YAY for me!

So yes, for me the DSLR is dead and gone, and I won’t be going back