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All my Sony’s are SLT’s I have  an A-99 and A-77, all with grips. They are great for long exposures. Excellent image and color quality. I started with Minolta in the 80’s and was always happy with them, so I went with Sony when I switched from film to digital. I also have a nice selection of Sony Zeiss glass designed for my Sony’s A mount. Not cheap, but between that and their G Series lens I own I have a huge selection of great glass to choose from in my case. (I own way too many per my Hubby) I have looked at the A7r as a possible replacement for the A-77,  but my A-99 is better than both of them. I will probably hold off until they replace the A-99 full frame with something beyond that before I get a replacement. I use the A-77 even though it’s a crop senor for my son’s outdoor sports sometimes (never indoors the A-99 does best for high ISO’s needed for basketball games in crappy gym lighting) it 12 fps as verses the A-99 that is 6 fps. Though a good point to keep in mind also is I can only get front shutter only with back focus on the A-99 not the A-77.

I also believe that the SLT’s are the next generation of replacements for the DSLR.