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So I have the much-neglected Canon EOS-M, I can honestly say I enjoy it though. I’ve taken it with me to several concerts and it just responds so much better than my other point and shoot. I ought to look into finding an 18-55 for it on the cheap and trying to get my hands on the zoom lens when they release it later this year (for concerts or events where “professional” cameras aren’t allowed [also, I HATE that distinction…]). I do have the EF adapter for it so I can mount all of my other lenses to it. For fun I stuck my 70-200 on it and played around.

Honestly, my favorite feature is the touch screen for focus and metering. I never thought I would ever use it, but for speed, it’s ridiculously handy. I’ve only ever shot in adequate light, so I’m not sure how it does in low light. The speed is pretty great on it too for events like I mentioned.
When I worked at Best Buy I loved the speed of the Sony’s though… but by far the Olympus mirrorless cameras were my favorite. Responsive, intuitive (very user friendly) and durable, they were definitely my preference. Avoid the Nikons though. Those things suck… hell, even the Canon isn’t fantastic.


Also, IHF, I totally recognize you from PhotoStealers <3