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I had an Olympus E-PL2, and now have an E-Pl5. Love, love, love it. I think the quality is at least on par with most entry level DSLR’s I’ve seen, and I adore how tiny it is and the sort of retro look. I can carry it (and the 3 lenses I have) in a normal bag or purse, and when I’m out taking photos I usually keep it on a wrist strap at all times. It doesn’t kill my arm to carry it one handed, or hurt my shoulder when it’s in the bag or on a sling strap. Also – no one pays it any attention. If I’ve got the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 on it, it just looks like a point and shoot. If I put the telephoto zoom on it it gets commented on, but that lens is bigger and heavier than the camera so that’s expected. I got the electronic viewfinder, but mostly use liveview instead unless I’m in bright sunlight. It’s also super customizable… I don’t have to worry about not remembering to “zero out” my settings anymore, I just made a myset of the settings I like to start with for each mode and assigned it to that mode spot on the dial, plus one automatically set up for HDR bracketing, so the camera is ready every time I turn it on.

I guess if I was a pro I’d probably want a really nice full-frame DSLR, but given the choice between this and a crop sensor SLR I’ll take this one!