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Not really a gear head at all at this point in the game, possibly never.  I don’t even have a proper camera bag that is able to hold what i currently have, so I have to pick and chose what I’ll be bringing with me.

canon 7D

50mm 1.4

28mm 1.8

100mm 2.8

2 continuous  soft boxes. (not in the bag lol but I felt it relevant)

next purchase?  I’m ready to take on flash, and open a new can of worms 😉 so soon I’ll be buying a simple cheap flash kit.  Im thinking a shoot through as well.  I also want a tripod really bad.  I’ve been wanting to explore landscape as well, and my hand held shots just aren’t doing a thing for me. They just make me want more control over exposures than I do now.

next lens? Maybe a 135mm, but I’m still exploring all that my current lenses can do for me, so it’ll be a while before another lens is on the list, but that focal length would really make me happy.  I picture myself taking gorgeous portraits with it, and maybe even a little wildlife.

I move really slowly, and enjoy every minute of the process of learning.  I think having too much “in the bag” would be overwhelming.