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1ds iii
5d iii
5d ii
24 1.4
50 1.2
85 1.2 ii
100 2.8
200 2.8
24-70 28 ii
70-200 2.8 ii
I wanted a loosely similar range in primes as my two primary carry lenses.. 1ds and mk iii are my carry and mk ii is backup
600 series flashes and several 430 ex II’s and obviously a hot shoe trigger for optical/radio


I guess it’s worth noting that the hot shoe trigger is not one device for optical/radio but rather an ste2 and an ste3 depending how many flashes i want to use in my setup.. super bright times of days an obstacles are not so great for infrared (optical sensors). which drove me into having to buy the ste3 ontop of the 2.. I guess I coulda used a 600 to optically control all but its really pointless when you lose groups under radio.. i’m workin on just getting rid of the 430 ex ii’s an going straight 600’s..