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I agree with Ajay, the 5D Mk III is better than the 1Ds Mk III.  My reasoning is that the ISO capability is much better.  However, the 1Ds is much older and it is a studio camera so high ISO is perhaps not that relevant if you have a bunch of 500 watt strobes to provide light.  I still enjoy using it.  Depending on what you are shooting, the 1Ds is still a great backup to the 5D Mk III.  Like Ajay, I think the 1Dx is interesting but not worth the extra cost for one more stop of ISO and less pixels.  If I shot a lot of sports and needed an extremely high frame rate, then it might be worth it.  The 5D Mk III can do a lot more than you really need for portraits/weddings.   Frankly images out of a Rebel T2i are pretty good, but then, I still like images from my 30D.

I like LowePro StealthReporter bags.  Even with the top open you can pick them up by either handle and they don’t dump the contents.  They also make sling bags and regular backpacks.  If I need to take a lot of gear, I will use a Computrekker Plus to carry onto the plane and put a StealthReporter in my luggage.  The StealthReporter can hold extra batteries, power supplies, chargers, all the junk I need for several days but not on the plane, and extra space can hold socks and whatever else.  For walking around in summer, a Kata Bumblebee backpack is nice because it has a frame so my back can breath.  It is the size of a Computrekker Plus but only holds as much as the smaller Computrekker.