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well a 1ds iii is marketed as a higher end camera but honestly a 5d III smokes it, and comparatively a 5d II is a ‘better’ camera.. I didn’t buy it new and I got it with 240k+ shutter actuation’s.. it’s worked without a hitch thus far.. albeit it’s days are numbered regardless


I hate fauxtogrophy:  “Not really a gear head at all at this point in the game, possibly never.  I don’t even have a proper camera bag that is able to hold what i currently have, so I have to pick and chose what I’ll be bringing with me.”

Yeah, 1 shoulder bag with extra batteries, CF/SD cards, filters, 2 primary lenses on cameras and cameras on me.. everything else stays in a locked box or in the vehicle depending on venue and how readily available access is in the event I should need something.. I keep all flashes/stands/softboxes/umbrellas in a bag if I want to use em and I usually have 1 flash on camera and one in my shoulder bag .. Other than that… I’m not carrying all of that around either