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@alarnold, No need to feel embarrassed. I just hope I’m not coming off as bragging to anyone here. It’s not the equipment—it’s what you do with it. I recently watched a YouTube clip about some creative still life photography that was taken with a D7000 and the shots were pretty cool (at least to me). I also mentioned in another thread about my disappointment over some recent landscape photos I took, even after metering with a Sekonic meter and using a CP on my D800 with 17-35 2.8. As I mentioned, I’ve acquired it all over the course of 6.5 years since I first got into Nikon with the D300. I was always of the mentality that it’s better to invest first in better lenses that will help me produce better imagery than consumer grade kit lenses. I’m still learning to use them to their full potential, but I’m getting there, slowly and surely, as family commitments will allow.

I mentioned the Yongnuo flashes to Jones a couple days ago. What are your thoughts on them?