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Can someone explain to me why the 10 fps my 1D can do is so giggle inducing? It is hilarious to see peoples’ response to the sound it makes

Most people have cameras that take a single photo (or are set to take a single photo) when the shutter release is depressed.  I usually have my bodies set to around 3 fps, and when someone is asked to use it to take our photo, there is always a reaction because they end up taking several photos.  I also have Canon flashes, which can keep up, so not only is there a lot of clicking but there are the flashes to go along with the clicking.  Lots of people look at it as if it were a venomous snake, and it’s set to go a lot slower than a 1D!

We were at a very large street party and some time after it was dark I observed a group of women, one of them was going to take their photo with a P&S.  She had them all grouped together, pointed the camera, there was a flash, she relaxed her arm and the camera moved toward her hip, where it flashed again — while they were all laughing at having their photo taken!  So, my though is, that was a heck of a lag between red eye reduction and the photo!  I bet she got a really great photo of the pavement.   I didn’t know any of them and didn’t say anything, but I recounted the story to a group in an office where we were chatting about photography during a break and one of the women in that group thought for a minute then said “Well, that explains a lot!”  So, if the general level of expertise is use of a P&S, and many don’t really understand how that works, what should their reaction be when your 1D goes off at the full frame rate?  Shocked giggles seems appropriate.