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I don’t have very much and it’s all amateur stuff which is OK for me at this point since I’m just a MWAC and even if you have insurance you still get stuck paying hospital bills for having kids for months after hahaha.

I have a Nikon D3100 my mom bought me because she was tired of me borrowing her body all the time and the 18-55 kit lens, a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 (the glass one, not the cheap plastic one), a Nikkor 55-200 which isn’t a very good lens at all but works good for the zoo and I got a good used price on it at least, a handful of filters from my mom, a yongnuo speedlight which I’ve only used on camera, so no clue how well the slave works on it, but it bounces really well and has a built in diffuser and stuff. Also one of those windshield things that I use as a reflector, a white art board I use as a reflector from the dollar store, and a steel 60″ tripod I found at goodwill for $10.

I want to get either a 28 or 35mm for pictures inside (once I actually put the kit lens back on and play around with both lengths) since the 50mm is really long on the crop body for inside. It would be nice to be able to take pictures of the kids when it’s raining out without standing against the opposite wall or outside the door, lol.