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My kit isn’t terribly advanced, but I like that it gives me enough variety to play with.
I started learning digital (and had previously worked with Film through high school) in 2006 and picked up my own dslr on Black Friday in 2011. So technically my very own first was a Canon Rebel T3i, which I passed along to my mom in February after procuring my 5D Mk II for the ridiculously low price of $500.

Right now my bag includes:
5D Mk II (and saving for a Mk III)
Rebel T3i (which I “borrow” when I have a shoot and need a backup body)
Canon 50 1.4
Canon 85 1.8
Canon 70-200 L (Non IS 🙁 )
Canon 135 L
Canon 24-70 L I
Sigma 50 2.8 Macro (Which I will be trading up for a Canon 100 L come the holiday season – when the sales on that guy are great)
and a Canon 580 EX II (Waiting for another to pop up on Craigslist for 300 again. Patience, patience, patience!)

Lately my 24-70 only comes off when I move to another L. I will say my 85 is probably my least used, sadly. My 1.4 I got for a steal at $50 new using my protection plan and saved up reward coupons from where I bought it. Most of my equipment was purchased either second hand or through meticulous price matching/taking advantage of deals. I managed to get a Canon EOS M for concerts that don’t allow dslr’s for $50 using over two hundred dollars in saved up reward coupons during the 4th of July deal B&H was running. My equipment is worth as my as my boyfriend’s car in terms of having to replace everything… but I paid maybe a 3rd of the price.