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I would think a 6-stop ND filter would be reasonable unless you are going for really really long exposures. f36 is generally a bit excessive unless you need a monster depth of field with a longer lens but for usual landscape lenses f22 or even f16 will be plenty and will give you better image quality as there is less diffraction. 6 stops should give you a 6 second exposure at f36, 3.2s with f22. If you can drop down to iso 50 even better but if you want f11 or f16 a 10 stop would probably be a better idea. You may find that the calculated shutter speed doesn’t match what makes for a good photo though and you may need to underexpose/overexpose accordingly. Shoot in raw if don’t normally as most ND filters, even B+W ones, come with a colour cast so use a grey card and correct afterwards