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That’s dreadful rise. I feel the same way, well I don’t know about the first bit of your last sentence but I don’t have a business head for sure. I have been doing a lot of free shoots to build my portfolio, I have had no issue at all doing this for free, but recently people have started getting in my ear saying I should charge, which I haven’t wanted to at all. Then I arranged a shoot of a friend of a friend, not planning to charge but she asked me how much. After much deliberation, I said a ridiculously low price and I didn’t hear back! It makes you feel like crap. Another friend of a friend said she’d be interested in me doing a free shoot of her newborn, but I couldn’t use the images in my portfolio?! But that she would ‘spread the word’. The only reason I’m doing free shoots is for my portfolio.

Maybe this is just a transition that this medium has to go through since the arrival of digital and hence the fact that photography has never been more accessible to people. Maybe it’s like when microwave ready meals came out and everyone thought they could cook. Eventually people realised they tasted like crap and started going back to restaurants again, if that makes any sense lol! Don’t lose heart.