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I know I’m not telling you anything being a food shooter, but if I sit down in a restaurant and the menu looks beautiful and shows their food at its best, then I will probably be back. It will probably even taste better. I have been unable to decide what to have because everything looked so good on the menu. If the menu looks bad when I first sit down, I’m not so inclined to even place an order.

I don’t know about you but if I was handed a menu with pictures on it I would walk out of the restaurant.

Everything needs to be done on the cheap it seems. I just got asked if I would shoot my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. For free obviously… I am going to do it for them as otherwise I know the only photos they will have are a couple of blurry iphone photos but I won’t agree to it before I’ve managed their expectations. They are people who simply don’t appreciate value of good photography and they would be prime candidates for hiring a fauxtog. Apparently they’ve completely run out of money and now the wedding will be in their grandparents garden (it isn’t even a nice garden). Blergh, I basically can’t say no and I’m sure they are going to be really grateful but it still irks me a little that they just assumed I would do it. Oh well, at least for once the missus can’t complain I’m taking lots of photos