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EyeDoc, I totally have to agree with you 100%.

I have a client from back in the day that wants to work with me again (I teach horse riding lessons). The mom is trying to see if I drive to her barn or they get a trailer and come to my barn and use their horse, if it would be cheaper than using one of my horses.

Of course the answer is a flat no, just because she’s using her own horse, at the end of the day my horses have still gotta eat. And I’m sure it will be interesting when she finds out that if I drive out to her she won’t be able to get the discount I give people for prepaying for lessons in bulk to cover my extra travel time and gas.

And this is probably the number one reason I haven’t started shooting for people for business at all. I’ve shot for a few friends and family members and that’s it. Luckily you don’t run into as many cheapskates with horse riding lessons because almost everyone assumes it is going to be expensive (rightfully so) and we aren’t oversaturated in our market. I can still get all the work I need (want) doing that without having to worry about getting pushed out by someone doing it for much less money.