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Rise, there’s a lack of respect for EVERY professional – doctors, photographers, painters, lawyers… fill in the blank.

A major contributor to this unwelcome phenomenon is the internet, an entire world enveloped by the technological equivalent of the Unabridged Encyclopedia Britannica updated in micro-seconds and searchable with the speed of thought.

We all know that a little information is a dangerous thing, but the dangers from the internet are often not recognized by the non-professional layperson. Since it offers unprocessed (and unregulated) information, the folly would be akin to taking the medical boards with the benefit of Google and no formal medical education – since the exam is mostly cognitive and rely very little on rote memory, the attempt would fail miserably.

Unfortunately, however, many people in the world do not see this as the case. In fact, they perceive the reverse. Not a day in my career as a physician has gone by (only in the last 5 years or so) without a patient calling my office regarding the diagnosis I just made and wanting to know why I didn’t offer the therapies / medications DIFFERENT from those discussed in the exam room, most commonly the eye drops which will ‘cure’ a cataract.  Doctor Google speaks highly of this remedy, I understand.

And so it goes. There will always be the shade-tree mechanics who repair their own vehicle or the tinkerers who try their hand at refinishing cabinet doors, but these folks learned by the school of hard knocks how ‘to do it right.’  But the internet allows the instant gratification generation a rare glimpse into perceived perfection (I watched a youtube video on it last night, how hard can it be?) These folks don’t want customer service or for anyone to explain – well, anything. They have a smartphone, it’ll tell them how. Or why. Or what. Or how long.

It’s a DIY world. Until it’s serious. Problem is, lots of folks wait until it’s too late.