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I did a lot of work for a company, mainly because what they made was shiny and almost impossible to photograph. The woman that I dealt with was great and they gave me regular work for years.

Then she got pregnant and replaced by a guy who didn’t have a clue!

The first thing he did was email me to say that he’d seen our prices on our website and could we do it cheaper. The second thing was to say that he wanted BETTER photos and he sent me some pics from a competitors site, to show me how it should be done.

The pics he sent were AWFUL, full of reflections, burnt out high lights and shadows.

So I emailed back saying that,  as regular customers they didn’t pay the same rates listed on our site, and just what was it that was BETTER about the pics.

Turns out that he liked them more, because they were close ups. The fact that they were dreadful and I hadn’t done close ups because I was told not to by his predecessor, didn’t seem to matter. This guys job title is head advertising and  digital media. But I now have to supply images in low res web sizes, because he doesn’t know how to resize them.

The point of my story, A picture is only worth a thousand words. If you know what a picture is meant to look like.