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See, I just don’t get where you think that i’m acting arrogant about any of this.

First off, I do not puff myself up to be some amazing photographer. I never have. Also, I don’t jump on people as some vendetta for a bad critique I’ve received. My critiques come through as thorough as I can make them. If I think someone has too much work to show, I tell them that. I will not critique a mess. Nor should anyone else. It’s a waste of time. The point of critique is not to tell people how to make art but to tell them what doesn’t work so they can solve the problem themselves. They need to learn how to problem solve. And being hands off is part of that.

I do not get aggressive until they get defensive b/c honestly if they are going to be whiney little bitches, then they deserve it. All critiques are personal opinions, LMFAO. Fortunately for me, most people agree with my analysis of someones work. I’ve never called an image anything other than what it is. I may sound like a smart ass. whatever, I don’t care. I’m not going to let someone else dictate my approach.