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Hey bitches, I’m baaaaccckkk…

Of course I had to see what had become of this thread, plus the latest temptation of “Diarrhea Wall” was too much to bare (I do still enjoy REAL fauxtogs work). It’s refreshing to see that so many of you get where I’m coming from with this topic. I am not for one minute saying that genuine critique is a bad thing, if you ask for it you should expect it. Some of you have pretty much summed it up nicely here already.

Ebi, I don’t know you, will never meet you and I don’t wish to. I don’t care who you are, who you think you are, or how you act in real life. The fact of the matter is that you come across as a troll on this website (in my personal opinion) and that’s all that matters. Some of you don’t agree, some of you apparently do. We have all seen it here before, the guy who got a genuine critique and started attacking everyone. Names were called, swearing (cussing) ensued, and everyone turned against him. He wasn’t that bad a photographer but he came on here acting like a cock and that was all that mattered in the end. You don’t “say it like it is” at all. You’re personal opinions are not fact, they are just that, personal opinions. A critique is not the same as being a critic or a know it all. Honestly, the images that you comment on are not perfect, but they are far better than you make them out to be.

I would probably quite enjoy your contribution to this site if you targeted the aggressive opinions towards the actual Fauxtogs instead of the people here who are trying to really learn and improve. There are no 2 ways about it, you bully and intimidate people who ask for help, and those who give positive responses about it. Using the words “Saying it how it is”, is not an excuse for acting like a twat. And the “pity party” comment, well that just adds fuel to the fire doesn’t it. Any excuse to be a smart arse.


Good day sir, I’ll see you on the cover of Time Magazine when they announce you as Photographer of the millennium….