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Your photos are pretty good, but you may be falling into that Faux trap.

Hear me out first.
I looked at your site, you have 3 sessions to view, so that is what I am basing my critique on. The images do not seem to have their own link so I will have to just name them by the order you have them listed.

Gallery 1 – Adriana’s session – the 5th image, please delete the selective color from your portfolio, it cries faux and the image does not need it. From the previous image, the bricks offer a nice warm background, your model is fair skinned anyway, so the warm color cast from the bricks will enhance her skin tone tremendously.
Don’t get me wrong, the pose looks good, but don’t fall for the selective color trap.

The 1st image is okay, her expression is not doing her any favors. Not sure if that is her normal pose face or not, but something is off about that one.

Gallery 2 – Courtney’s Session – 1st image, sort of okay, but not flattering. The leaf hiding her lip makes her nose appear larger. Pretty girl but needs some pop in her eyes, there is little to no catch lights.
Image 2 & 3, same thing, no catch lights and the pose makes her fore head wrinkle by looking upward.
Image 4, I see what you were going for but it is a little blown out and the DOF can be expanded a bit to make it more interesting.
Image 5 – Not sure what happened here or what you were going for? Please explain. Half of her is purple the other is a sepia tone. I would delete that one.

Gallery 3 – Zek – This is the one that is going to make you a faux for sure. Some of the images are very nice, but you have B&W’s next to the color version next to a sepia tone version. This is fine for showing the client, but to make yourself more professional looking and others to take you seriously, make a executive decision and go with the best of the bunch, not all of them. In this case less is more.

You have potential and do good work, some technical issues but who doesn’t have those. The key is to learn from those and improve upon them. Remember, to over always review your work, don’t be afraid to ask for outside opinions or critiques and don’t get high off your own farts, and you will be fine.

Keep shooting want to see more.