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Without sounding like a cheesy pun, you appear to have an eye for photography but I would back CC and nesgran up on their critiques.
At face value, they appear to be really nice family snapshots, well better than snapshots really. I would encourage you to get out and shoot more, mix up your photos with subjects that aren’t readily available to you. This way it gets you out of your comfort zone and then you have to rely on your ability to adapt and adjust your settings, not the ability to take a mass amount of photos.

Yours are nice, there are some that need some tweaking but that has been addresses already.

I think it’s good that you look at other photos and see how they can be better, that is an important step.
Giving and taking criticism is another key element. I have seen so many photographers that are good, just crumble when they meet someone who picks apart their work. You have to have a thick skin and realize that you can’t please everyone and some people are just plain ignorant, rude and sometimes jealous. Giving criticism is one thing, telling you your work sucks is another. Use that criticism and advice and apply it the best you can and you’ll be fine.