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Emileeself – I think it is very good that you are shooting in manual mode. It allows you to have full control over what you shoot. 9 times out of 10 I shoot in Manual unless there is that rare event or session where Av, Tv or P help out.

I also have a T3i or 600D, it can be a little cumbersome at times. Yes the 8 focus points kind of suck, my main camera has 61, so yes it is a big deal when switching to this. My main issue with the 8 points is that they seem to be too close together for my likes. Trust me, once you get the features down patent, when your ready to jump up to a nicer camera, like a 5DMk3, you’ll be in utter amazement at the control you will have over the many more features.
I would suggest, what ever camera you decide to upgrade to, try renting on 1st for a weekend. Just upgrading the camera won’t make you a better photographer, but it may give you a sense of confidence.

You mentioned your shooting scenario, what format do you shoot in RAW or JPG or both?

As for your prices, I don’t think I even looked at your pricing scheme, but if IHF pointed out that glaring oversight, then yes I would change them ASAP. My advice, see what other photogs around you are charging and see if their packing and session fees are similar, then start with that. Most don’t publish their prices, so it may be a little more work then you want.
If you are close to other photogs prices, you wouldn’t have to justify your prices when compared to others, as long as your final images meet or exceed the quality of theirs.

Good Luck