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IHF: I’ve actually always used full manual on my T3i. I just jumped straight in with both feet. I don’t like the restrictions the other modes have. I don’t use actions made by others. The majority of actions on the internet are too strong and leave a lot to be desired. I do, however, make my own. They can be fun sometimes. I make sure each adjustment layer stays separate because it’s just so much easier to handle.

WHITE BALANCE: I carry around a white paper and also use grass as a sub for a grey card when I forget to pack one. Sometimes, if the sky is really deep blue I’ll use that as a grey point as well. I wish there was a “zebra” function on the T3i (maybe there is one, but I’m not aware of it) as it would be easier to tell what is a true white in the image. I also notice the inconsistencies in tone in my images and am working on it.

FOCUS: There are only eight focus points on my camera, so I have a lot of issues with focusing. I end up having to reconstruct the scene or focus on the eye and recompose, which is an extreme hassle when using a tripod. I am, however saving up for a camera with better focus options, such as manually being able to pick which point to focus on whenever I want instead of having to go through the settings menu each time or use the annoyingly ignorant live-view square that has the tendency to focus on one of it’s corners instead of the center.

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: I’ve shot a few public events (read: unpaid observer) for parades, college games, and family parties. I have not posted any of these photos.

LIGHTS AND POSING: I haven’t done any paid shoots recently, which is for the best I guess. I’ve been practicing with a light kit with flashes and umbrellas and soft boxes. Also, I’ve gotten more friends to model so I can practice posing and helping people to pose. I just haven’t posted any of it.

I plan to become totally legit in January. I included my “earnings” on my taxes last year, I don’t have a problem with that, I just was unable to afford filing the paperwork in my state last year (LA is ridiculous with the crazy fees!) The amount I made kept gas in my car for an extra week.

I’ve also gone through and fixed the inconsistencies and you pointed out with my fb and site. There is absolutely no excuse for idiocy.

Thank you for being honest with me, IHF.