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What are some of those red flags you ask?


Your prices, and their inconsistencies, like you are just pulling them out of thin air, or because you saw them somewhere and thought it looked good.


Your mini sessions on your site say $25 for 25 minutes, yet on your Facebook page you have Christmas and New Year 15 minute mini sessions starting for $40 to $60.  Really?!  Well then I’ll just take a 25minute mini for $25 please


On your site you have Your portrait sessions listed for $80  and your weddings are $150 an hour.  Yet your Facebook says $50 per session and weddings are $100 per hour plus free family and party portraits before and after the wedding.


Not much care or thought went into this whole venture of yours.


Your Facebook wall is full of like ladders and “mingling” 631 fans, but rarely any sort of interaction going on.  Meaning people that have liked your page have done so just to get a click back from you and they are done with it.  What does this accomplish but a sense of falseness?  Your likers (minus family and friends and a handful of others) aren’t even potential clients.


You have business cards, a cute little templet cover photo, selfies, all the best most popular actions too I bet, but there’s one thing you forgot in all of this photography business stuff, and that’s to learn portrait and event photography first.


Looks like you have yourself a pretty decent camera, but you haven’t learned how to properly select your focus, you haven’t taken the time to understand white balance, most likely shooting in an auto mode like maybe Aperture priority, so exposure isn’t quite getting understood either.  You also don’t seem to have a good handle on lighting or posing etc  NO your pictures won’t ever end up on the front page, they aren’t horrible eyesores, but I bet if you handed your neighbor your camera they would be able to take similar quality snaps as you.


I’m afraid you have also fallen into the faux hole that so many others have fallen into.  It’s not impossible to get out of Emilee.  You can do it


My favorite picture of yours https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434410589998783&set=a.434410706665438.1073741842.382840941822415&type=1&theater

I bet it because you took it for yourself, not for money, or for any other reason but, the scene was beautiful and you wanted to capture it.  Do more of that.  Shooting for yourself that is.  Give yourself some time to learn the craft before you take on business.  I bet if you did that, your portfolio would get better and better so much faster than you think.  Think about it.  Wouldn’t it feel better to go into business without having “Am I fauxtographer?” hanging over your head?  To be able to go in charging legit profitable prices, legally sound, and knowing you have the skills and knowledge needed to start a business with your photography and grow and learn from there?