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I’m almost a year late.. but I thought I would give some feedback since you posted some stuff for this year. I’ll start from the bottom; I like Jacob’s session, although the 3rd and 4th shot need fill light, his face is underexposed and the eyes need that clear look with catch lights. Maybe take the redundant b&w out or pick one, less is more.

Up to Bekkah and Jake- I like the tub shot.. I might add getting the subjects in the background doing something, and soften the light hitting the group, even a bed sheet can bring it down 2/3 stop of light. Backing up, your opening shot with the setup, I’m not sure how to say there is too much there with clutter, that just demands a recompose or if you have something different to offer. The wide shot over the chairs as the bride and groom are in front of the audience there is too much info there, maybe a crop or pull the shot in tighter next time ( the chairs in the foreground are not flattering to the shot) and it doesn’t bring my eyes to the bride and groom or even the wedding party, because I almost can’t see them unless I concentrate.

The serious shot or if that’s what you were going for with the bride and groom; she doesn’t look like she wants to be there and looks extremely posed, next time have them stand there, then tell him to pull her in to him while having their own moment(it’s okay to have him say something like how good she looks or tell a joke to her, share something giving you the smiles and happy reactions the wedding day deserves), and nail it! Over all, your wedding went well, mostly better than the togs I see in the area here charging similar money. I haven’t covered it all, and don’t want you to think I’m crushing your work etc.. Keep shooting. One more thing, change your elevations if you can often, the perspective of seeing something “straight on” can become uninteresting; be free with your camera, and trust your instinct more.