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@emileeself – I think your web site is fine for navigation, I had no trouble moving around within the photos. If you do any tweaking there, I would tread lightly. The key thing is if your clients can navigate easily, then your good.
I have had clients who navigate and get lost and I am not sure how they did. I try to set my site up so that even a noob to the interwebs can find their way.
It looks like you are focusing on portraits, so remember the eyes are the window to the soul. With that in mind, you want the eyes to be in focus and something to show that there is life in there, catchlight reflections do that. It draws people into the subject and can add so much vibrance to the eyes and the person they are attached to.

You are very welcome for the critique, I hope it helps out.
It is easy to get sucked into that mentality of posting everything or way too much, goes with the saying “more is better”, but in this case, you only want your best to shine, so “less is more”.
I have had shoots where I have taken over 150 – 200 shots, many look the same, and some were just overkill. The early times, I would present this to the client with the idea of giving them their moneys worth, but it never works.
If I shoot 100 shots in a session, usually I don’t now, out of those, I will present the client about 20 of the best and go from there. I may show them the rest just to make sure there isn’t a shot that they prefer over the ones I have selected, but 9 out of 10 times they agree with the ones I present them.

Good Luck Emilee.