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Thank you Trainwreck! There’s no such thing as too many Q’s or C’s!

First, let me address the mono. I did hit the “black and white” button on LR. BUT, I  did bump up the whites and bring down the blacks, toggled the color sliders to get the grass to be a little brighter. tree trunks darker, and then changed the linear tone curve to more of an “s” shape to increase the contrast. I like the light and airy feel, but I know many who do prefer the darker toned, more traditional black and white portraiture.

I didn’t have a flash, or reflector, or even my iPhone to create catch lights. It was a pretty spur of the moment thing and I was ill prepared, which I’m kicking myself for. I’m sure you can tell we were shooting with her facing away from the sun, mainly because even though it was around 5:45 PM, the shadows the sun created were so harsh they didn’t look good with what we had in mind for the shoot and I really liked the rim lighting it provided. She’s so young and fresh faced that intense shadows wouldn’t have done her any favors.

I can see what you mean about the posing issues. It’s not so flattering to see an eye bulging out of your socket. Luckily, I can re-shoot this and I can get it right (not an excuse for it not being right the first time, however.)

I actually took one of the photos and flipped it horizontally. Is this any better for the natural movement of the eye? My first thought was that it felt refreshing, but then again, I did post this stuff for critique so maybe it’s not that much better. Here’s the altered version: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123112662@N02/14614272431/

As for focus, I believe there may be a back focusing issue with the lens, but it could most definitely me be as well. I didn’t focus-recompose with these, I had the shutter set high enough to prevent shake since I don’t have the 70-200 with IS, and then I posted myself up against a tree to make myself steadier. I was shooting at f/4 which should have kept all of her features in tight focus because I was mainly using the longest end of the lens. I honestly don’t know what happened with the focus.