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Hi ink!

A question:

What is the first thing the eye is drawn to when viewing a photograph?

I’m going to hold off on any further comments. Seems like a lot of folks want comments and yet don’t feel the need to follow up on those that are made.

Except for this. I like your IMG 6886 but I think you could have turned the subject’s body (shoulders) in toward the negative space instead of having the shoulders leading out of the frame and head turned in. This for a more balanced shot and also keeping the viewer’s eye in the frame. The shoulders tend to lead the viewer’s eye out of the frame. Then, turned the head slightly back toward the camera. Unless going for a full on profile it is not really considered good form to have the nose breaking the line of the cheek bone. Then have the model looking not straight sideways but at approx. 45 degrees or less toward the camera. This to get the other eye and some whites of the eyes instead of just some makeup lines and the other eye eyelash. Nail the focus on the eyes. Then there is the catchlight issue.

It has been said (on here even) that the eyes are the Window to the Soul. This is what portraiture is all about. If you miss this, then you only have a snapshot.

Another related question and follow up question?

Why do you think manga art is so appealing? Why are Disney’s most visually appealing animations so remarkably compelling and able to convey emotions that draw one in?

Hint: Eyes?

And a final question before I just give it up if I may?

How did you do your mono conversion?

I’m a huge fan of mono portraiture, especially headshots. It is an art form unto itself and a successful conversion is way more than just a button click and/or desaturation.

What are your thoughts on my response?

(Oops, was that too many questions and comments?)