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This is beginning to look like the Circle Game we played with the Wolf Cub Pack.  Get the kids sitting in a circle, whisper a sentence to one and have them whisper it to the next, around the circle, then see what comes back.

The grass and sky part probably started out like this:  “If you want to take a photo of birds on a wire, you will find the camera exposes for the sky so the bird is a silhouette.  If you point the camera at the grass and press Exposure Lock, then take the birds, the birds will be properly exposed and the sky will be blown out.”  Or, it could be that the thought was if you shoot monochrome and get the grass properly exposed the rest of the scene will work itself out.

She may understand it better than she expresses it.

Raw files have benefits!  If you shoot in raw, you get bigger files because they contain the sensor data, and you have to convert them.  But, all that extra data means you can have complete control over white balance and a lot of control over exposure, in post processing.  A raw file of a scene like the girl holding out the flower probably contains enough data to recover the blown out areas of the flower and her hands, while the data may be lost in the JPEG because the camera throws so much data away.  Even if the data is in the JPEG, there is so much more data in the raw file that you can get a cleaner recovery.  Another benefit of shooting to raw, if you want monochrome, you can set the camera to monochrome and the display on the back will be monochrome (the camera makes a temporary JPEG for the monitor), but by having the raw file, you can still choose to have colour, or you can choose different filter sets to alter tones in the final monochrome image.