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Yes Emilee, I agree 1000% with CC.  The problem with JPG for editing is that once you make any changes and save, you can’t go back, unless you have copies of the original file.  Your editing is very limited to what can be done and what can be undone.  RAW is direct information that is compiled directly from he sensor, whereas jpg has preset adjustments and a reduced file sized compilation of the image taken.

JPG editing is what we would call a destructive editing process.  RAW is a passive or non-destructive process, because no matter how far along you go it never actually writes over the original file.  It creates a XMP file called a sidecar file that contains all the instructions of any edits done to the file.  So if you mess up, you can reset the file back to square one.

With you saying that your converting from RAW to jpg for editing, I would highly invest in an app like LightRoom for RAW editing capabilities, if you don’t already have Photoshop o another RAW editing app.