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Just out of curiosity emilee, what are you converting the RAW file to?

If you shoot RAW + Large JPG, you are actually using up a little more buffer and making the camera write a few extra MB’s of data to your card.  When you select RAW + whatever, the camera writes the RAW file, then quickly creates a smaller compressed file along with it.  In your case about 20MB for the RAW and about 5 MB for a Large JPG.  Easy way to tell, look at your memory card file when you import your photos.  Your RAW files will be CR2 and your jpg’s will have jpg, of course.

There is no wrong way to save your files, but if it is for editing purposes, RAW is the way to go.  RAW just has more data to work with, plain and simple, no matter what Ken Rockwell says, LOL.  Unless of course you have no means of editing a RAW file, thus the need to convert, then that is a different story.

If you are converting for editing sake and have no means to edit a RAW file, I would suggest converting to DNG, if your application supports that.  If not DNG, then TIFF.  These are lossless, or close to lossless conversions, but not every app supports them.