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I’ve been looking at the prices on BL, and it seems pretty doable.

I’m shooting in RAW. Sometimes, I’ll shoot in both JPG and RAW, but that’s if I have a large/fast enough memory card.

Currently, there aren’t that many photographers around me that charge more than I do. Most of them are bored housewives with p&s. In our area, though, there are many people that can’t afford to have portraits done for the prices that many professional photographers have, and the prices I’ve set (and fixed, thanks again) help people to do things they normally wouldn’t be to do.

I have a quick question about RAW and the Canon Utility. When I’m at work, I use an online RAW converter because the computer has DeepFreeze and dumps everything that’s installed each time it’s shut down. I’ve noticed that the online converter does a much better job at saving details than the Canon program. I can convert the image and then adjust exposure so much more without it becoming blown out. Am I using the program that came with my camera incorrectly? The site I’m using to convert is http://image.online-convert.com/