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Worst Case Scenario

 I’d much rather do something I love and earn less than the job I do now

That’s handy as theres no money in photography.

there’s always something to learn.

I started using Photoshop when it was version 2. I use it  for at least 6 hours, pretty much every day. I would consider my self damn good at it. Yesterday I learnt two new PS tricks

I love the way everything is a trade off with something else.

Realizing that (with a Z : ) Is a very good start!

What I like about photography? Well these days I like the fact that I can sit in a nice warm office, listen to music, drink coffee and make great images on a huge screen that print out looking exactly like I wanted. I had 20 years working in freezing cold or boiling hot darkroom that stank of chemicals had noisy machinery and never produced prints that were exactly the colour I wanted.