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@browneyedgirl89 I completely agree with your assessment of photographers (or artists) needing the critique experience. Its great to be taken down a few notches when you walk into that first Crit lol. Its how you use the critique information that matters in the end. I have seen students take things completely personally like its an attack o their very being that someone would criticize their work. The critique process can be a humbling and valuable tool to grow as an artist if you let it.  I always take critique with a serious ear, but a grain of salt. I want to do my thing my way, but I like to hear what others think I can do to take it to the next level and I always take this to heart. In some situations suggestions have worked for me and in others not this is the process of getting better at what your working towards.

As an aside I’m not a photographer whos got an axe to grind with anyone just someone whos been a fan of the site for a while and started to add my 2 cents 8)