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it’s figure/ground Gestalt visual perception…. kinda.

Like the “candle stick or 2 faces” illusion your brain can only see one thing at a time – you can MAKE yourself see the faces, or the candle stick, but not both together.

Similar thing here. In neurology, you learn that our brains see things as WE THINK THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE – for example, a subject seen against sun shining in our eyes (low in the sky) our brains KNOW that a softer, yellowish hue MUST be what we’re supposed to see in the subject, because it’s either morning or evening. However, you can also look at it and NOT PERCEIVE the backlit subject and see it’s true colors, blue/black.

Some people can control how they visually perceive certain phenomenon, others cannot (ie., the old/young lady illusion – many people will just say I see old or young and NEVER appreciate the other).