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Now I see (“sorta”) white/gold. It’s far from the blue/black online. The two web pages are blue/black and again, something closer to white/gold though still a bit blue.
Most people are not aware that colours can be altered by perception of the surroundings. That’s why we as photographers love photoshop and the gray background. Any colour would influence what we see in our image, inducing our perception to the opposite. A great example is this, http://www.emlii.com/cd000260/These-Gifs-Will-Make-You-Question-Your-Brain-and-Its-Capabilities.It-Couldn%27t-Get-More-Amazing-Than-This See example #9.

I can’t believe this has made it to the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-31659395
I wonder how many people would choose green/gold if they were told that was one of the options?