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This topic has already been chewed up and swallowed, but I wanted to give my input.

When I first saw the photo, I said “white and gold.” I knew the ACTUAL colors presented in the crappy photo were not true white or true gold, but I was accounting from the perspective of the photo being low-quality, poorly-lit, and poorly white balanced. Such as, when you see fauxtography of a bluish wedding dress that was supposed to be white. I saw the actual colors in the photo to be muddy bronze and dusty periwinkle. I sampled the colors in Photoshop’s color picker and that was confirmed as well. The thing is, our brains, depending (so they say) on how the cones in our brain account for light affecting hue (color) we pick one or the other extreme. Naturally, especially when influenced by the choice “blue and black” or “white and gold” our brains will pick one or the other. The argument I got into with a few people was that “well I saw it correctly because the real dress is black and blue” but the PHOTOGRAPH of the dress was NOT black and blue. The pattern I noticed as well was people, like me, who have eyes that are very sensitive to light, saw it as white and gold. To me I feel that having light-sensitive eyes is actually beneficial as a photographer because I’m more in tune to how lighting can change the color of someone’s skin or clothing in the photo, and i can correct it accordingly.