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On a different computer the first link still takes me to my Facebook page.  The new links work.

I see mixed quality.  I have a train track photo or two in my collection, but I don’t have a guy sitting at a drum kit, in the middle of the track.  The girl in the grey top that looks photoshopped into a scene with a partial brick wall and lots of mould does not appeal to me.  The girl in a dark brown outfit in front of a swirly brownish red backdrop is a good example of a portrait although I would have removed the white dot from the middle of her upper arm.  When I first saw the background, I thought “what the heck” but I think it grows on you.

The wedding set is a similar mixed bag.  The rings in their box with white roses might be better without the fade treatment on the right side but I have seen much worse close-up wedding photos.   The B&W of the bride and groom in the park with bouquet on the edge of her dress has most of the dress blown out.   The blond bride that comes up next, with her bouquet by her chin has a “get on with it, I have to go and pee” look in her eyes, but it may just be the stress of the day.  I have no idea what is going on with the bride and groom in front of the wall with the little metallic looking tiles.  She seems to be reclining, and pregnant?  And, she’s showing the pot end of her bouquet.  I don’t think that should have made the portfolio.  A couple of others have a streaky border effect applied, I don’t think it would make the front page here, but I am not fond of the effect.

When we were in China, one of our tour bus companions was a wedding photographer.  He said that to be successful at it, you just have to take acceptable photos, but you need people skills.