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Mrs Woo

Some really poor choices about what is selectively colored (and for that matter, it is seriously overused, but maybe clients still want it a lot?), but usually everyone who is supposed to be in focus is in focus, there is no camera shake blur, etc.

Too much trendy post-processing.  A pro friend of mine was thrilled to have a customer come to him because she liked classic poses and looks and recognized that the trendy stuff would look as bad/silly as mullets do to most of us today.  She said he was the only photographer in his area that she could find that had portfolios that didn’t include actions on every image, dutch angles, etc.  He’s a very experienced guy who has been doing this for decades as well.  It is frustrating to be constantly undersold by people who have neither the experience, equipment or ability that he has.

Still, it is obvious from his site and some of what you said that he knows how to market, even if he has grown to resent (apparently) his customer base.  🙁