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wow, so you bring an additional photographer for $500 all in?

I’m not a wedding photographer, but i have shot weddings. I’ve shot two. One was for a friend (i’ll never do that again) and the other was for someone who was a big fan of my style of work. I didn’t want to do it but i also didn’t want to say no. So I quoted her an insane number. Unfortunately she didn’t even blink.  I hired a second shooter who had shot weddings. It was stressful and frustrating and i thought i’d completely fucked up her wedding photos. To this day, I still get calls from ppl she refers me too. And I turn down every one. You cannot pay me enough to do them…maybe if the economy goes to shit again…who knows.

Anyways, how many weddings have you done? have you fucked any of them up yet? You probably won’t if you keep things very controlled with only what you are comfortable with. Hire an assistant that has a lot of experience to cover your ass. They will probably hate you b/c they know more than you do, but if they could have gotten the job, they would have, not you.  Make them teach you shit. But honestly your CODB is probably higher than your profit, so i’d just stop for now.