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Hi CC, thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website, I’ve only just had a chance to jump back online!

I am glad that my about section is up to scratch, I really really struggled trying to write about myself!

I don’t understand about the opening slide show remark? while I disabled right click on my site I know its perfectly possible for people to still steal my images (screen shot), I have also not watermarked them on there as i find it unprofessional as a potential client and a bit distracting. All the images on my site are shots which have been paid for in full so it wouldn’t be clients who would be stealing them if that makes sense, and anyone else who wants to and has the capabilities to screen shot probably would also remove a water mark if they were desperate. I do watermark my ‘sneak peeks’ which I put on FB after a session, this is mostly for advertising 😉 so that when they share it (if not how I guide them in the contract) friends and family still know where its come from 😉


That photo was taken with a 30 1.4 , the lighting is a bit flatter than I would have liked as baby turned his head back a little, and baby does have some moulding in the back of his head which has elongated it a little. I sort of fell in love with the image due to his expression and eye contact, its difficult to get an awake shot of a newborn with ‘personality’, I have had that image critiqued and no one has mentioned the odd shape to the head which i can now see (photographer blinders) so thank you. People have either loved it or hated it, I included it because i loved it but im thinking that maybe i should remove it and pop another shot up? I liked it so much it was going to be one of my pics to enter into the aipp awards 🙂 which i didnt end up doing btw, as i wasnt confident enough!


This is another link just incase the last link wasnt working, it may not work depending on where you are as i have blocked some countries which i was getting click farm likes from.


thank you so much