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reality check

When I get a case of photographer’s block.  I like to take my most “normal” lens (in my case a 28mm) and shoot the ordinary and mundane.  This makes me really push to pay attention to lines, shadows, light, space, color, details etc.  No post plans at all before hand, just with the goal of some good SOOC shots.  It’s  just refreshing to get back to basics, not use my favorite go to lenses, and absolutely nothing in mind before hand.  No high expectations at all.   Not looking for beauty, special, or extra ordinary, and not waiting for IT to happen,  actually helps me find it.   It fires me up every time, and I end up shooting with more intent and deliberate  focus afterward.  Nearly every time I do this exercise, I end up with at least one wonderful keeper, and more importantly inspiration and the mojo juices flowing again.