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I am married to an active duty US Marine and we are currently stationed in Wisconsin. I graduated from Central Michigan University with my bachelors degree in Journalism, photo concentration and an art minor. I had shot several friend’s weddings and engagement sessions for cheap, most times because they asked me to. Having moved to Wisconsin with no journalism options, I scanned Craigslist for other photo options. I was blessed by a local photographer taking me on as an associate photographer for her wedding photography business. I have learned and grown in so many ways since I started working with her and the experience I have gained is invaluable. However, looking ahead to the future, despite my degree, professional camera and experience of 30+ weddings under my belt, I am SO hesitant to even pursue my photography venture as a business of my own if we were to have a permanent change of station (PCS) because of the RAMPANT women in the same boat as I. It’s frustrating as hell! Whoever previously posted expressing sympathy to military spouses not being able I have a career, I appreciate you. Thank you. I do know I need to have confidence in my work and they say that the cream always rises to the top. My work can stand for itself and people would see the difference between me and other photographers (fauxtographers) but just the stigma attached to military wife photographers makes me not want to do it at all! 🙁 (disclaimer: I am not perfect. I have a million ways I can learn and improve. I know I have strengths and weaknesses like any other professional.) I just get so ANGRY when I am hesitant to call myself a professional, despite my training and education and yet, people have the gall to fling up a Facebook page and have some vistaprint business cards. (Join the club, right?) 🙂 thanks for listening.